What is handicap betting in 1xBet?

agosto 29, 2023 0 Por admin

Handicap betting is a popular form of wagering in sports betting, including in the online platform 1xBet. It is a type of bet that aims to even the playing field between two teams or individuals by assigning a handicap, or a virtual disadvantage or advantage, before the start of the event. Handicap betting offers more options to bettors, allowing them to bet on the underdog or the favorite with greater flexibility.​

How does handicap betting work?​

In handicap betting, the bookmaker assigns a handicap to each opponent or team involved in the event. The handicap is usually represented by a positive or negative number, indicating the number of goals, points, or sets they must win or lose.​ By doing so, the bookmaker aims to provide equal betting opportunities for both sides.​

For example, in a football match between Team A and Team B, the bookmaker may assign a handicap of (-1.​5) to Team A and a handicap of ( 1.​5) to Team B.​ In this case٫ if you bet on Team A to win and they win the match by two or more goals٫ you will win the bet.​ Conversely٫ if you bet on Team B to win or draw٫ you will win the bet if Team B wins the match or if the match ends in a draw.​

Types of handicap betting

There are different types of handicap betting that you can encounter in 1xBet and other sportsbooks.​ Some of the common types include⁚

  • Asian Handicap⁚ This type of handicap betting eliminates the possibility of a draw by using fractions or decimals.​ It provides more flexibility in betting options and allows bettors to receive partial refunds if the outcome is close to their bet.​ Asian handicaps typically include half-goal increments such as (-0.​5), (-1.​5), ( 0.​5), ( 1.​5), and so on.​
  • European Handicap⁚ European handicap betting includes whole numbers, both positive and negative, such as (-1), (-2), ( 1), ( 2), and so on.​ Unlike Asian handicap, European handicap allows the possibility of a draw, which can result in a push or refund.
  • Split Handicap⁚ This type of handicap betting involves splitting the bet between two handicaps.​ For example, you can place a split handicap bet of (-1٫ -1.​5)٫ indicating that half of your stake is placed on a handicap of (-1) and the other half on a handicap of (-1.​5).

Advantages of handicap betting

Handicap betting in 1xBet and other platforms offer several advantages to bettors⁚

  • Better odds⁚ Handicaps can provide more attractive odds for betting on favorites since they need to overcome a virtual disadvantage to win.​
  • Increased flexibility⁚ Handicaps allow bettors to choose different betting options and strategies, enabling them to bet on the underdog or the favorite according to their analysis.​
  • More opportunities⁚ Handicaps create more betting opportunities in sports where one team or individual is heavily favored, making the event more interesting and competitive for bettors.​

Before engaging in handicap betting, it is important to thoroughly understand the rules and strategies involved.​ 1xBet and other sportsbooks offer detailed information on each handicap betting option, allowing bettors to make informed decisions and enhance their betting experience.​